Your spa hotel in Bolzano and environs for ultimate wellbeing

Massages & beauty treatments at Rechenmachers Rosengarten

At our spa hotel in Bolzano and environs, Rechenmachers Rosengarten, a variety of massages and beauty treatments provide the final touch for your holidays at Rechenmachers Rosengarten. Our beautician takes good care of your wellbeing, making sure that you return home relaxed and rested.

Visit our Vitarium, the Turkish steam bath or the experience shower and afterwards, let us pamper you from head to toe with our fine selection of massages and treatments. Indulge in pure relaxation during your spa holiday in Bolzano and environs!

At our spa hotel in Bolzano and environs you are all set for deep relaxation and ultimate wellbeing. Seize this opportunity to enjoy our massages and treatments and free your mind for the beautiful things in life.

Our Rosé massages and treatmens

Pine with arnica massage

Arnica, pine and rosemary oil helps for the blood circulation and to give energy at the muskels. Arnica helps also for muscle soreness and helps to regenerate the skin. The smell of pine helps you to relax your mind.
Half body massage 25 min. € 42,00
Full body massage 50 min € 67,00

Pine with honey massage

The combination of olive oil, beeswax and honey regenerate your skin. Pine oil helps to release your muscles.
Half body massage 25 min. € 42,00
Full body massage 50 min € 67,00

Marmot and mud massage

The mud gives your muscles and your skin the healthy warmness to uncramp them. It’s pain relieving, helps to detox and clean the skin
Half body massage 25 min. € 47,00
Full body massage 50 min € 72,00

Head, neck, back and face massage

You will be massaged with a hot role. This massage boots circulation, relax muscles and relieves tension.
50 min. € 71,00

Anti stress massage

This massage relax your muscles in your feet, shoulder, neck, and head. Stimulates the circulation of the entire body and give strength to the immune system.
50 min. € 71,00

Vital sport massage

Helps you to relax your entire body, stimulates the circulation, reduced pain in the muscles of back and feet

Lymph stimulation massage

This is a special and gentle type of massage. Along the lymph nodes, gentle, circular and spiral touches will increase pressure. A reduction in pressure will finally create a phase of no pressure. That way the lymph drainage is activated and the tissue unblocked.
Lymph stimulating foot massage 25 min. € 38,00
Lymph stimulating full body massage 50 min. € 67,00

Oil massage

With different oils this massage helps you to relax body and mind
Half body massage 25 min. € 42,00
Full body massage 50 min € 67,00


For this massage, the therapist uses varied, rhythmic pressure on certain precise points of the body. The massage use thumbs, fingers, knees and elbows to concentrate pressure at certain energy pathways in the body. They are called meridians. This massage reduce muscle tension and fatigue and improve blood circulation in the body as well as improve function of the lymphatic system.

Full body scrub with hay
€ 47,00

Full body scrub with sea salt
€ 42,00

Treatments from our partner beautystudio ,,Aesthetica"

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